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W e’re in conversation with Strategic Partnerships Director for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa Nwabisa Mayema, discussing purpose-led entrepreneurship. We also discuss the impetus behind the centre and how its evolution has mirrored an entrepreneur’s journey.

Nwabisa shares the Branson Centre’s thinking about the circular economy, tech-for-good and the importance of building a community and partnering with the right people. We also get a preview of how the centre will evolve while continuing to support entrepreneurs.

This episode was recorded at the Branson Centre’s Studio 17 – the Branson Centre’s  partnership with Workshop 17 in Cape Town.

About Nwabisa Mayema

Nwabisa is the Strategic Partnerships Director at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa. Her role includes establishing the Branson Centre as the most collaborative enabler of entrepreneurs in South Africa; developing opportunities for local entrepreneurs; and nurturing relationships to ensure the Branson Centre supports South Africa’s wider economic development.

Nwabisa is an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. Her entrepreneurial journey dates back to 2006 and her passion lies in connecting others to people, resources and opportunities. She was previously Founding and Managing Director of The Collective Genius and Executive Director at nnfinity, where she supported the growth of women-owned businesses in Africa. She hosts the In Conversation With The Branson Centre podcast and in her spare time, she co-produces and co-hosts the She Rocks Global podcast.